The Zoo

Today was Zoo day.  It felt somewhat like old stomping grounds to us as we visited this same zoo 2 years ago.  

Last time, since there was no one but us in our Travel Group, we went solo.  This time almost the whole group went along, including our guide. (He's not in the picture.)

Eventhough it was the same zoo, some things had changed.  It was much more crowded than last time and the animals looked healthier.  I remember thinking the lions looked like skin and bones last time.  This time they had some meat on their bones.

 We opted for strollers today and were glad to have them. 

Initially, we thought the day was going to be a cooler less hot day than the one 2 years ago.  About half way through our zoo trip, we decided we were wrong.  The men figured out that with the heat index it felt like 107! 

Yes!  That is sweat rolling down Lily's cheek.  We were all soaked through by the time we got back on the bus.

Still can't get in the cages with the animals.  And, yes, if you wanted to, you easily could. 

The signs didn't stop people from feeding them, however.

Yes, it's eating out of a wrapper!  People kept throwing the bears food, which they promptly gobbled!

We think we've discovered a way to slow this boy down...heat.  Our little Chinese Tiger (that's what his name means), was quite mellow the whole time...until his diaper had a blow out.  Won't go into detail about that, but please pray for his tummy again...his earlier problems seemed to have returned when he awoke this morning.  Everyone on our plane home will thank you if you pray to that end!

Emma posing at some of the places she had posed at before...

Baths and naps for the little ones when we returned.  Wal-mart for Kevin.  The pool for Emma and I when Kevin returned.

Tomorrow, Joshua has his TB test read, which looks okay at the moment.  After that, I think we only have to wait for our Consulate Appointment at the end of the week. 

In Him,

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  1. Mandy...I sooooo remember that late summer heat in Guangzhou!!!! Wow, is it opressive!
    Joshua is so adorable. I will pray for his tummy issues.