Orphan Care: Sponsorship

Put simply, sponsorship is regularly contributing to the financial needs of a specific child or orphanage.

Usually the personal cost is not great...$35 a month is typical. One trip to Subway for our family.

Child Sponsorship

But for that $35 a month an orphan is fed, clothed, treated medically, nurtured, and (depending on their age) educated. Their cries are comforted, their bellies are filled, their shivers are warmed, their medical conditions treated. They are also prepared for their forever families.

As a sponsor, you will be able to pick the specific child to whom you send aid. In return, you will receive pictures and updates on your child. You will watch them grow and, Lord willing, be adopted. We have had the blessing of seeing all of our sponsored children find their forever families. We have had the privilege of praying for each by name. And the blessing they have brought us has far exceeded giving up a 6" Club.

Surgery Sponsorship

Another powerful way in which Sponsorship impacts the life of an orphan is when sponsors contribute to the needs of a specific child's surgery. Unlike Child Sponsorship, Surgical or Medical Sponsorship is a one-time contribution of any amount to help cover the costs involved in an often life-saving surgery. Again, the sponsor has the face of a specific child over whom to pray.

Without surgery, many will...and do...die.

I read the saddest blog post a few minutes ago. Love Without Boundaries
announced that they have "to temporarily close our medical program to any new children with critical medical needs. The reason? Because we currently have so many urgent children on our website who haven't been funded for their surgeries yet that we sadly cannot take on any more...
it is very hard to continue to have orphanages call us asking for help for their sickest babies, knowing that saying "no" means that child will most likely not survive. Saying NO to a child who is clinging to life…. well, I know you realize how terrible and gut wrenching that is."

Through Sponsorship we can save lives! We would if it was our baby...

Orphanage Sponsorship

Contributing to the needs of a specific orphanage provides an entire population of children with formula, clothing, diapers and other special items (like blankets, heat, cribs, school supplies, and furniture!). In many orphanages babies share cribs, bowls, and other necessities. The environment is not posh but basic. Quality nutrition is not a guarantee. Orphanage assistance helps bridge that gap.


As you know our heart is drawn to China, although it aches for orphans everywhere. The organizations with which we are most familiar who provide the opportunity for sponsorship are listed below. Each has a photolisting of children who are in need of sponsorship. This list is far from exhaustive, but a quick internet search on the country your heart aches over along with the words "Child Sponsorship" should yield many opportunities.

Love Without Boundaries

Philip Hayden Foundation

New Hope Foundation

New Hope Foundation-Shun Yi

Will you sponsor? Great way to care for orphans!

In Him,

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