Wo ai ni!

What does, "Wo ai ni!" mean?

It means 'I love you" in Mandarin.

Those are the words that Joshua kept saying over and over again today after I spoke them to him...and it dawned on me that he had been saying them already and we didn't recognize it!

Not only that, but the cutie started calling to both Kevin and I by name..."Baba!  Mama!"  Then he'd giggle, all proud of himself.    If we tell him to go to one of us, he knows exactly what we are saying and responds.

Although his hives were not gone today, his general demeanor was much improved.  We had a hunch today would be a better day when he woke up waving to us and dancing in his crib, smiling...instead of the somber face of days previous.  I've observed and read that Day 3 usually brings a change, and it seemed to today.  He was much happier.

Thinking that the hives could very well be stress related, we've been trying to keep the routine as similar to the past few days as possible.  That will go out the window tomorrow as we travel to Guangzhou, but that means we are one more leg of the trip closer to home.

Kevin & Emma took the 2 two year olds to the pool and they both loved splashing and kicking!  Check out the required swim caps!

Hives looking a little better by the afternoon...just don't look at his back!

After a much less exciting dinner and the Chinese restaurant in the hotel next door, we went and blew bubbles and played at the park. 

Today we were able to get some worship playing so we all could hear it and it brought such refreshment to our spirits.  I was overwhelmed by how Jesus left His home in Heaven to come to earth to adopt me...the wonder of it washed over me all over again. 

I was also overwhelmed by how much I love Joshua.  I wish there was a way to explain to those who have not adopted the reality and depth of love for a child not born of my womb, but of my heart...of knowing that from before time, God planned for Joshua to be in our family.  And that no price is too great to be joined with your child.  No trinket or trophy the world has to offer is worth having if it keeps you from God's will...in my case, my child.  Later, as I was reading Tozer's The Pursuit of God, the following jumped out at me...There can be no doubt that this possessive clinging to things is one of the most harmful habits in the life.  Because it is so natural it is rarely recognized for the evil that it is; but its outworkings are tragic. 

Few know the wrestling that occured to bring us to the place of stepping into adoption again.  One of the greatest hinderances was the lack of funds...but God kept saying, "Empty yourself...I gave everything...will you?"  I am so far from giving all...by His grace He has led us here and I am overwhelmed with gratitude to Him for His tender, gracious leading...because looking into Joshua's face tells me no price was too high to pay to bring him home.

Praise God...for as Lily has said several times at pivotal moments on this trip..."Mommy, God is with us!"


In Him,

ps...I'd love to post more pictures and have tried, but the internet keeps going out.  :(

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