Haiti: Day 2 Update

I just got done messaging with Kevin.  

They attended a missionary church this morning with many Haitians, then went to the hospital and prayed for people.  He said there were terrible conditions at the hospital.  Few doctors, little technology and files everywhere.  He said they prayed with many people.  

They are leaving now (late afternoon) to go feed people in the tent city.  

He sounds very moved by the what the Lord is doing, blessed by Pastor Brian's heart, and struck (as expected) by the dire poverty and great need AND the Haitian Christians' great, palpable love for the Lord.  In his words:  "They get it."

In Him,


What could possibly cause me to come out of my blog slumber?


Kevin & Emma left at wee-dark-thirty along with 16 other sisters and brothers from our church for a week long missions trip to Haiti!

The trip has been at least 4 months in the making and initially we weren't sure whether Kevin or I were going with Emma.  The Lord said Kevin, and so I sit here typing.  

After their first flight was delayed and they barely made their second, I got word tonight that not only they, but also all of the group's luggage arrived safely in Haiti.  Praise God!  There were around 23 bags I believe of donated goods to serve the missions organization Cross to Light, the tent city children, and orphans at 2 orphanages they will be visiting.

Here is the message Kevin sent me earlier:

We are here safely.  Emma is doing fine.  It has been an eye opening experience thus far.  We walked to one of the tent cities before the sun went down.  Kids just come up to you and want to hold your hand.  I carried a little girl around for awhile.  She was between 2 and 3, no parents around.  Pastor Brian is intense and on fire for the Lord.  Church tomorrow, going to a hospital, feeding between 100-200 from the tent city tomorrow.  Sounds like every day will be full. Hot, but not too bad, nice breeze, we are near the ocean.

From a Facebook message on our church's page, I learned that the hospital they will be visiting is for the dying.  They will be going to offer the hope of life after physical death and comfort, compassion to the dying.

Please pray for all of the team.  Pray for those they will meet.

I am so thankful to be married to a man who loves the orphan...and to have a daughter who does also.

In Him,