Buses and Taxis and Electric Scooters...Oh, My!

Today has been our second 'free day'. 

Sadly, it has also been our second day of hives.  After a very solid night's sleep, Joshua woke up with them again.  They weren't quite as bad as yesterday, but this time his eye was swollen.  The generic Claritin didn't really do the trick today. 

We've been keeping his diet to rice and bread products, which is so sad because he really wants to eat everything.  Feel so bad eating in front of him.

We emailed both groups who cared for him asking about any known allergies and they both concur that they know of none and that his diet has been very varied and includes common allergens. 

Anyone who knows my history of these last 7 or so months, knows what stress/trauma did to me when Luke died.  I am starting to lean heavily toward the hives being a manifestation of stress by his little body.  He's been through so very much in the last 2 weeks...I can't even begin to comprehend the stress and trauma of everything you know and are comfortable with being ripped away from you and being placed with complete strangers.

 He is such a sweet, happy boy that it is easy to be deceived into thinking he's okay.  Experience and education testifies otherwise.  His grief and confusion are most evident when he first wakes in the morning and from nap.  He is so quiet and somber then.  Like he's processing the fact that he's still with this crazy group who doesn't understand 98% of what he says.  We are learning more, though.  'Car' and 'bus' have been our recent Mandarin acquisitions.  He will just sit in my lap with his head on my chest, as still as can be.  He spent a lot of time like that today and separating himself from Lily in particular.  His grief just seemed so tangible.  I know it is a good sign, believe it or not; but it is hard to watch.

A few things we have learned about Joshua so far:  he loves vehicles, he loves his sippy cup, he has no interest in stuffed animals, loves coloring and baths, knows he is supposed to stick with us and doesn't seem to want much to do with anyone else, he likes piggyback rides, sleeps soundly, wants to wear his shoes all the time, is pretty much potty trained, and is absolutely adorable!

Tonight we ventured back to Wal-mart and ate at some restaurant that seemed like a cross between Irish and Chinese cuisines.  Odd.  When we tried to order the fried rice and dumplings from the picture menu we were told that that was for dinner time.  It was 6:30.  Not sure what time constitutes dinner time in China, but apparently 6:30 is too early.  We must have had a dozen waiters surrounding us with one speaking a little English.  Let's just say we left pretty hungry tonight.  Hopefully the little I did eat will not be seen again, if you catch my drift.

Kevin decided to video the street traffic on our way to Wal-Mart and back...

On our way back, this is what we saw...

Kevin actually DID join in!  He handed the camera to Emma, who only thought she was recording...so unfortunately that memory will remain only in my mind.  It was a hoot.  The elderly Chinese lady he was dancing next to (with Joshua on his back) even cracked a smile.

Please keep praying for our little man.  I look forward to the day when he gets that we are his...forever.

In Him,


  1. You guys really do blend in much better than we do in Africa. People spot us and point about a block away. You look natural!

  2. Haven't checked your blog in over a month or two. Boy was I surprised and teary eyed just now. A big congratulations!!! So excited for you! You have such a beautiful testimony. Oh, and your oldest girl is beautiful and your two little ones are soooooo cute! I think people will ask if they are twins! Prayers your way.

    Amy H

  3. Praying for all of you...the hives could be stress related or something as simple as allergy to the laundry detergent in the hotel lines...pc