Lily has had her prosthetic leg for 10 days now. For the first few days we were supposed to be wearing the leg for about 45 minutes a day and then checking Lily's skin for redness and rubbing.

By Saturday (the day after we got it), I knew we would need to go back for an adjustment. First of all, in certain positions Lily seemed to cry in pain...like something was pinching her skin. Secondly, after we removed the leg she had an area of redness that, eventhough, it faded after 15 or 20 minutes, indicated to me that the inside top edge of the socket was the source of her discomfort.
So, Wednesday we returned to the prosthetists and they ended up taking about 3/4" out of the red portion of the leg. Check out the difference in the red section from the photo above to the photo below!

What a difference!

She is able not only to stand more comfortably, but also more easily now.

Since Wednesday, Lily has been wearing the leg for approximately an hour at a time with very little pinkness on her skin. Her demeanor is much improved as well. Something about Mommy putting on the leg is much more appealing to her. She's even bringing me the liner and velcro and indicating that she wants me to put the leg on!

We saw another major improvements yesterday...but Superbowl dinner is calling, so I will save that for tomorrow!

Here is a picture from last Sunday...my oldest and youngest together.

In Him,

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