Long-Awaited Video

What seems like many, many weeks ago...I promised new video of Luke.

Then life took over...with things like school for the girls, fundraisers, multiple doctor's appointments, an unscheduled trip to the grandparents (12+ hours away) for a week, prep for and teaching a new Bible study, Hurricane Irene plus more.

And I was just flat out worn out.
Something had to give...and it was the blog!

So, today I'll post the first new video we have of our Lovable Luke...and hopefully before several weeks go by, I'll tell you how we were blessed with it!

Till then...

In Him,


One Year Anniversary!

Today is an AMAZING day!! 

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today.   

But what happened a year ago today was EXTRAORDINARY!

You see, a year ago today was the day Lily was placed in my arms...both of us crying!

Where has the year gone?  I can hardly believe a year ago today I was standing in the Civil Affairs Office finally holding my promised Lily Rose.  It was the culmination of soooo much waiting.  

And I was finally holding her.

And today?  One year later, my little Lily said to me more times than I can count..."Mama! Hold!"  "Mama! Hold"

And do you know what I did?  That's right...I held her...like I dreamed for so many years that I would.

 Lily one year later!

In Him,


Wild Olive Tees Fundraiser Extended

A BIG thank you to everyone who has helped to bring Luke home by purchasing a Wild Olive Tee!  It is so exciting to be getting closer and closer to his homecoming!

For those of you who would like to order your Wild Olive Tee and Get Your Verse On for Luke, our fundraiser has been extended for another month. 

They have several new designs since I last posted about them and have added a few children's tees to the fundraiser.

To check it out and order go to:

Don't forget that you have to enter our FAMILY CODE (which is MCCLELLAND0610) in order for a portion of the purchase to be credited to us.  Please enter it during checkout in BOTH the “Enter Coupon” field (by clicking the "Enter Coupon" button on the left inside your cart), as well as the Comments section.

In Him,


Yard Sale for Luke!

 Angela...the organizer!  My sweet friend on 
whose heart the Lord laid this idea!
Emma at the check out and Grandma and Pap manning the sale. 

A BIG thank you to everyone who had a part in today's yard sale!

It was a HUGE success and blessing!

And to top it off...I came home to the piece of paperwork we've been waiting and waiting for!  

The I-797a approval! 
(Know that doesn't mean much to anyone, but trust me...it's important!)

Now we have everything we need for our dossier!

In Him,

PS...for those still having comment troubles...I am getting feedback that you have to PREVIEW your comment before you submit it or else it won't show up.  Give it a try...



Do you remember the video of Luke?

Guess what?!!!!

I stumbled across the gal who took the video...and she had more!

To be continued...

In Him,


Say Oreo!

Well, either my quick fix worked...or no one emailed to let me know it didn't! 
For now, I'm going to go with the "it's fixed" thought.  It's less work!

Two suggestions that came in for those who continue to have comment troubles:
1) Make sure you're clicking on the Comment Box and not the white begger button down below that says, "Will blog for comments." Or something like that.

2) You may have to preview your comment first (click 'preview') and then hit 'publish.'

Hope this helps!
On the heels of our Cookie Comments (made my sweet tooth go into overdrive), I thought I'd share this video of Lily.

A few nights ago, one of the girls mentioned having an oreo (Wegman's version!) and little Lily, who is a major fan, very excitedly squealed "Oreo"...or something close.

We had to try to get it on video....

I think we know what her favorite cookie is!  Ore, minus the 'o'!

In Him,


Comment Troubles?

I've had a few of you tell me that you are having trouble commenting on the blog.  Seems like maybe your comments are disappearing into cyberspace?  

So, Saturday I did a brief search on ways to fix this.  Didn't really understand what they were saying, but tried to follow the one I did as best as possible.  

So will you do me a favor?  

Will you try to leave me a comment and see what happens?

All you have to do is go to the bottom of this post under my signature and click on the word "COMMENTS"...it will have a number next to it that shows how many comments have been left...like 0 COMMENTS!!!

After you do that, a white box should open up where you can type your comment.

To take the pressure off of trying to figure out what you want to say...how about you tell me what your favorite cookie is?  

I'll go first...mine's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut...or maybe Emma's Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies.  No, Big Soft Ginger Cookies!  Oh, I just can't decide...told you I'm not good at figuring out favorites!

Anyway...next, you click on the pull-down menu that has the words: "Comment As" in front of it.  If you have one of the listed accounts you can use that.  If you don't, just use Anonymous.

Finally, click publish comment.  It should show up right away.

If it doesn't...email me, so I know someone's actually trying!  And, I can keep working on the problem...or get I can get someone who knows what they are doing to work on it! [Click on the words 'email me' and you should be able to send me an email.] 


And just because this scene tickled me earlier today...a picture!
I came around the corner to little Miss Lily playing 52 Card Pick-up.   A game that is much cuter when the baby of the family plays it than when her older siblings used to. 

Getting older has helped me find some things ridiculously adorable!

In Him,