What He was saying...

What are you saying, Lord?

That was the question I went to Him with one morning.  

Is Jake really Your will for us?

I felt like He asked me to count the doors He had opened that I had asked Him to close firmly shut if Jake was not His will for our family.

I counted.

1) the other agency would transfer his file to our agency

2, 3, 4) three other families in 'front' of us did not choose to adopt him

5) our agency would accept the file transfer

6) Big-whig, ultra-busy expert in Arthrogryposis responds to my emails

7) No other family had come in front of us to adopt him while we were praying and seeking the Lord's will

Seven.  7.  Seven doors the Lord  had flung wide-open in His graciousness knowing this mama needed to be able to assure her little boy that he was specifically planned and chosen for our family...not by us...but by God.

My gentle, but direct Lord spoke to my heart and said:  "Mandy, I've made it abundantly clear to you.  I've opened all the doors that you know I can shut...and would have if it is not My will."  He reminded me of a truth He had spoken to me while we were  seeking His will for Luke's adoption....He desires for us to know and do His will even more than we desire to know and do His will.  If we really want to know, why wouldn't He tell us?

My heart's response this time?

Lord, confirm it to Kevin apart from me saying anything.

In Him,

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