Physical Therapy Update: The Bench

So, it's been a while...long while...since I've done a physical therapy update.

We still do some stretching and ball exercises, but the U-seat and stander have moved onto other families and in their place have come a couple of pieces of apparatus designed to encourage standing and walking.

The first is the adjustable bench. The idea behind it is that Lily can stand and play with toys at it (much like she could sit and play with toys in the U-seat). Lily hasn't really gotten the memo on this one and much prefers to use it to simulate flying. She pulls herself up onto the bench so that her feet are no longer touching the ground. Then, she either hangs by her hands or "flies" on her belly. Haven't been able to catch her with the camera doing this, though.

The bench actually works a lot better for practicing cruising (if we can keep her from "flying"). We have a sectional so I'll place the bench at a 90 degree angle from one end of the couch (forming a U shape) and then put her at one end and goldfish or something like that spaced along the couch all the way down to the end of the bench. Works pretty well if she's in a cooperative mood. If you're able to enlarge the picture below, you'll be able to see the deliberately spaced goldfish.

Cruising down the couch...

Made it to the bench!

As far as teaching her to walk, much of what we've been doing really isn't that much different than what we've done with our other children.

Standing at the couch, refrigerator, chairs,...Mommy's legs! Encouraging cruising. Walking with her holding our hands. Over and over and over.

However, there is one piece of equipment that is quite different.

But, I'll have to tell you about it...tomorrow!

In Him,

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