The agency with his file had said they'd contact us if the other families did not proceed.  I had asked about how long they thought that would take and the gal had said 2 weeks.

So, one week later I got an email asking for the contact information of our agency so they could begin the transfer of Jake's file!!


What had happened to these 3 other families?  How could they have possibly turned down this adorable little boy?

I must say I was in shock.  I had specifically asked the Lord to close  this door to Jake if he was not our son...yet, now, it stood wide open.

And, just looking at his file sent me into tears as two intense feelings washed over me...again.  The first was that feeling of betraying Luke.  The second was an overwhelming realization that Luke was truly not coming to my house.  It all rubbed the wound quite painfully.

So...How did I respond to this email essentially saying Jake could be our son with the send of an email?

To say I was surprised is an understatement, so I wanted more confirmation...and time to pray.  I told the gal that I hadn't even checked with our agency or any doctors yet and we would need a little more time.

She was accomodating, but gently reminded me that if a family from their agency became interested in him, they would be moved to the front of the line.

My heart asked the Lord to open or close doors...again...through our agency's willingness to accept a transfer (or not), the medical information we could find, and whether or not another family stepped forward...quickly.

In Him,

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  1. Hi! I just caught up on your blog... how exciting (and emotional in so many ways). Is "Jake" at Hope Foster Home now? Just wondering from the pictures. It is encouraging to see how God is bringing you through the valley... I hope for much joy for your family !!!!
    Heidi Landes