We have the dates

Our travel dates are now officially set and plane tickets purchased!

We leave next Wednesday the 18th and are joined with our son on Monday, July 23rd.  We will return home on Saturday, August 4th!

SO hard to believe we are at this stage!  

The last 3 days have been an absolute whirlwind.  With all of the planning, scheduling, emailing, and calling that has been going on I've ended up with a headache from thinking so much every evening!  

And totally forgot about a hair appointment.  

And after my shopping trips to Wal-Mart and Target today, I have been officially banned from shopping without Kevin at either location until we return from China!  Really, it wasn't that bad.  So, I bought several planes, trains, and (toy) automobiles for a certain little 2 year old...but they are all small.  Really.

In Him,


  1. How very exciting for all of you. I know Aaron will have a wonderful time helping you in China. God's peace be with you...pc

  2. Hey Mom! I awarded you on my blog!