Physical Therapy: The Stander

It took some convincing, but we did it. We've accepted "The Stander" as a helpful piece of PT equipment and not some throw-back to medieval torture devices.

Lily was slower to warm up.

At first it was just that it was...different. Then, I think she felt unstable. Finally, it was the loud ripping sound the massive strips of velcro make when you are adjusting them across her back.

You know what they say about 3 strikes? Lily definitely wanted just that...OUT.

I don't blame her. I'd never seen anything like "The Stander" either. But once our sweet PT explained the purpose, I was all on board.

The purpose? To get Lily used to standing and bearing weight on her right leg and foot, because...quite obviously...this will be what she does when she has her prosthesis. We want her to get used to the weight bearing sensation and longer durations of standing than the Mommy-stander can do. You know what I mean...Mom bends over and holds her in that position by the hands/arms (about 2 minutes like that and my back says, "No more!"). "The Stander" also builds up the leg, core, and glute muscles she'll need for all the standing our little one will be doing. In addition, "The Stander" can hold her left leg down so it does double duty as "The Stretcher!"

Of all the PT things we've done, this was the first Lily hated...initially. Poor thing was in tears reaching for me to get her out the first 2 times we put her in it.

Then the tide changed. What changed them? Mommy leaving. Okay maybe it wasn't that...maybe it was that when cautious Mommy went shopping one evening a more adventurous twosome decided to turn "The Stander" into "The Racecar." Two unnamed members of our family (Kevin & Emma) decided to push her around the house in it...and she fell in love. Now, she army crawls over to it and points and whimpers to get it. Sometimes overprotective...I mean loving...moms just have to get out of the way!

So, now Lily not only goes for rides in "The Racecar" but also stands and plays at the couch in "The Stander." Our initial goal was for her to use "The Stander" for 5 minutes several times a day. She has, of course, exceeded that and gets a bit upset with us when we take her out after 20 minutes.

Consider her convinced!

Looking at a book...

Hey, where'd my book go?

Oh well, my light-up, spinny thing-a-ma-jig will have to do!

In Him,


  1. That little girl is going to walk!!! How awesome!! How incredible!! If you didn't obey God, she'd still be in China more than likely with no hope of ever walking! Thank you for being obedient!! Praise the Lord for the work that He's doing and going to do!!

  2. My prayer is He will get all the glory! Can't wait to see the walking!