Making the Mold...So She Can Break It Later!

Yesterday, Lily took the first step toward her new prosthesis (pun intended!)...measuring and molding her leg. Her appointment was at 1:30, which promised to be dicey...prime nap time; but with over an hour's worth of driving I hoped she would nap and be a happy baby for her appointment. NOT!

She was happy...until she discovered that we hadn't driven that far to simply play "Give Mommy Kisses on the Exam Table."

Once the measuring began, so did the angry tears. It's not that anything was painful. Lily simply doesn't like to be held still or let strangers touch her. It is a good thing, in my thinking, that she doesn't just want anyone touching her...good attachment signs. The volume level at which she voiced her displeasure, however...let's just say I'm glad we didn't video it!

In order to get the plaster mold (same as making a cast), Lily needed to be in her birthday suit. She was thrilled about this, too. I had the honors of holding her still, so I was covered in several layers of sheets to protect my clothing from plaster and anything else that a diaper might contain.

After measuring Lily's leg, undressing her and covering me up, the prosthetist put a protective sock over Lily's leg and began wrapping her leg in plaster. Poor Lily! We have not heard her cry like that since we were in China giving her a sponge bath (had to hold her down for that, too!). It's times like that when I just keep telling Lily: You may not like this now, but one day you will walk and run and climb and bike and swing and hop and dance and ride a scooter, and the list goes on...all because we endured this now. I can't wait to see it!

Next, we let it harden for a few minutes and then we were done. Off slid the little cast and we cleaned and dressed our sweet, sobbing little girl.

All done...and somewhat recovered from the ordeal.

The Mold!

We return next Friday to try on the socket that will be made from the little mold above. The socket is the part of the prosthesis that goes over the leg. If the fit is good, they will build the rest of the leg and she will be standing on it at the appointment after that! Amazing!

In Him,

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