It's been awhile, I know.

To say a lot has been going on is...true, yet lame-sounding.  But it's the best shortest explanation I can offer right now.

What has brought me back to blog world after quite some time?

Three little letters.


Not the missing top to my crock pot (lost it at a Fantasy Football potluck in case you're wondering).  But our official Log-In-Date for our adoption of Luke.

What does LID mean?  LID is the date on which China officially logs in a family's adoption dossier to their system.  If I remember correctly, it means that they've rubber-stamped your paperwork and all is ship-shape.

What was so amazing about this is that we'd been told to expect it to come 3-5 weeks later than it came!!!

We got it 3 days after the dossier  landed in China!


It also means that we are onto our next phase of...waiting.

This time for LOA (again say the letters not the phonics).  Letter Of Acceptance.

They've already pre-approved (you guessed it...PA) our adoption of Luke, so I'm not really sure why they then send an LOA. But, it's just what they do. 

So, now we wait for the LOA.  The word on the internet ground is the average wait is running 60 days.  

I'd take another miracle!

One day I'll get on here and announce our TA...Travel Approval! 

Speaking of good news...the same day we got LID, we discovered that Luke had been featured on Love Without Boundaries Facebook page!  

And just look at the new picture of him!

The caption reads: Luke from our Shunyi Foster Care Program has really been working out! He has spent some time at the New Hope home this summer which has given him the opportunity to spend more time out of his wheelchair. He is now strong enough to scoot around without it!

In Him, 


Lily vs. Slide

Many have asked how Lily is getting around.

I'll let the video do the talking...typing.  Whatever!

She, no lie, did this at least a dozen times...with no help from me.

I finally just sat down on a nearby step.

In Him,