Looks like the blog will work since we are using something that routes around.  Just in case go to www.babyjellybeans.com and type in his name and Emma's as parent since she set it up!

We have been at the Haller's almost constantly so not much time with computers.  We will go to New hope at 8am and spend the morning there and then probably the great wall in the afternoon as the Haller's seemed insistent that we couldn't come to china and not see it.  The driver thy're sending us with speaks no English so pray for that! Wall sounds like it's probably 2 hours from here.

Doing ok jet lag wise other than being up since 530am. But went to bed by10 so...what do I expect?

Not been as emotional as I expected to be...not sure why, but it has been amazing to see everything in person and really understand how not a home even a Christian foster home truly is...Mike was very clear about that.  Not very many boys in the house now...only 4 little boys and about 3 teen boys.  Little ones starved for attention and really enjoyed playing with us.  lily was just watching them and then bossing them around in English when she wanted to go down the slide first!

Had lunch at a favorite Chinese restaurant of their's and then went to the 'night market for dinner...street food! Roasted lamb and bread on sticks and boiled peanuts...we all passed on the squid! Got some fresh produce there too...tomatoes, bananas, watermelon.  Apparently everyone kept asking Elisa why we weren't speaking Mandarin!  Because of Lily they thought we should be able to!  They were also very curious about her leg and wanted to know what happened and if we had been negligent and let it happen!  Ha, ha!

May not be able to upload many pictures until Zhengzhou due to time and battery, but we'll see!

Love you!

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