Socket...Take 2!

Today we had Lily’s appointment to try on the socket again. If all went well today, they would move onto building her prosthetic leg.

And…IT DID!!!

The socket fit to their satisfaction and our next appointment…which is only one week from today… will be the one where she gets to wear the whole leg! Not only that, but we will try to convince her to stand on it! Oh, happy day!

The prosthetists had a little treat waiting for us, too! When we walked into the examine/fitting room, lo and behold, what was sitting on the table? A little foot tucked inside Lily’s shoe that we had left with them last week! What a treat!

And, here it is!

Lily quickly reached out to grab her left foot…

Not only can she touch her toes (without bending over at this point!)…but she can put her fingers inside her ankle!

I’d like to see you try to do that!

My little smartie knows where a foot goes…in a shoe, of course!

The other great thing about the little foot is that (as you may have guessed from the pictures) she didn’t cry…at first! She was waaayy too interested to cry.

Below, Emma caught Lily’s reaction to seeing the medical gloves go on Mr.Don. She was like…wait a minute here! I thought we were just playing with my foot…what are you going to do next?!?

Well, next…they tried on the socket (which, as I mentioned, fit fine), took some more measurements and discussed the upcoming appointment and the other non-prosthetic appointments Lily had had this week (ortho check-up and a well-baby with her pediatrician…thankfully, not a typical week!).

One last look at the adorable foot…oh, what color nail polish to put on it first? Most definitely pink…to match the color fabric they will put on the socket! Gotta go girly!

PS…we got a new piece of PT equipment this week. If you thought “The Stander” was something, wait till you see this!

Rejoicing in Him,

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