LOTS of Pictures from Last Friday's Appointment


This post contains an insane number of pictures.

But there's a bonus prize for those who view them all! Um, okay, not really.

So here it goes...

All the girls with Lily's new baby doll...

The sweet doll Lily received as a gift for getting her prosthesis.
She has a socket, too!
See it on her leg?

Once again, Lily realizes the present was simply a front for something else...
Putting on the shoe? Always a sign that something is up!
It's the put your hand inside your leg trick!
Emma...modeling for us the latest in prosthetic legs!Hoping that watching Anna Grace wear the liner will make Lily want to, too.
No such luck.

We did get it on, though...as you can see below.

Donning the Leg 101
1) After putting on the liner, we velcro on a Y-shaped strap
2) Feed the strap through the hole on the socket. Not so easy on such a small socket.
3) Pull the leg on.

4) Thread through the buckle at the top of the socket and velcro down.
Time to STAND!!!
Next, she went for a roll in the gait trainer/super-walker.

Now, to do some assisted walking...
Rear view...
Now, for the not-so-fun part...bearing weight on the prosthetic leg.Checking fit & hip alignment...
Feeling for hip bones (how's that for a technical term!)...

Have to end with some happy pictures...

Miss Mary hands Lily another gift...a custom-made bag to hold her doll,
doll blanket, liners, velcro, socks, shoes, and leg!

The photographer gets in the picture!

Next time I will update you on our progress with the leg...

In Him,


  1. Mandy, thank you for sharing your blog with me - this is Donna from ACLD board. The pictures are great, your daughter is precious. I expect Dylan to be just as upset, he's not a fan of doctors right now :) I did have a question, how do the straps attach to her? Around her waist?
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Donna!

    Actually, the leg is held on by the velcro that attaches to the liner and then is fed through the hole in the socket and the buckle. There isn't anything that attaches to her other than the liner...no belt, straps, etc. The tightness/immovability of the liner combined with the velcro keeps it in place.

    I will post a video of us putting the leg on tonight I think.

    Hope this helps, but I'm sure my description is about as clear as mud! :)