Our Sailor

After 2 months of Navy Boot Camp, Aaron graduated yesterday!  

It was a very significant moment for all of us.  And, yes, I was teary...again.  

God was gracious to us and allowed us to have seats in the front row right in front of his division.  

Aaron's division entering the Graduation Hall

Entering in through the snow

Because he was one of the  3 tallest in his division, he was all the way in the back...but I could still see him, and he me.

The photos above & below were taken before he assumed his position in the back row.  

Love the military posture!

As an 'Army brat' I have been a guest at countless military ceremonies. This is by far the most memorable and significant for me.

We found Aaron quickly and hugged his neck and observed that he not only is skinnier, but seems taller!  The military posture...must stand nice and tall!

  Picture below was taken on my phone, hence blurry!

Kevin's parents at the ceremony with us

We are so thankful for this milestone in Aaron's life and even more thankful to be here to share in it with him.  He is obviously pleased with his choice to join the Navy and the decorum and attention to detail that he displays are a blessing to see.

Thankful for and proud of our son, our sailor!

In Him,


The Changed Face of Chinese Adoption

All three of our China-born kiddos were blessed to have been touched by the work of an organization called Love Without Boundaries.

Lily's Shantou orphanage is part of their nutrition program.

Luke & Joshua were in Love Without Boundaries sponsored Foster Care.

We frequently field questions about Chinese adoption...especially since adopting Luke & Joshua.  The question usually sounds something like, "How did you get a boy from China?  I thought there were only girls up for adoption."

I then go on to explain that their info is out of date...by about 10 years.

International adoption from China is not what it was then, when orphanages were largely populated by healthy infant girls.

Today, the population is somewhat evenly split between boys and girls...with boys waiting longer to be adopted.  And 90-98% of the children have special needs.


Love Without Boundaries answers this question in a wonderful blog series here:

The Changing Face of Adoption

Changing Attitudes

The Adoption of Boys

Domestic Adoption on the Rise

Birth Defects

This is not the end of the series, so I will try to update as the next installments appear.  Everything written is consistent with what we have been told both by Chinese nationals we have interacted with in China and those who have lived in China for some time.

In Him,


You have GOT to see this!

I don't know how often I have mentioned on the blog that nothing holds Joshua back!

But just in case anyone needs some evidence...take a look at what he figured out last night and has been practicing all day!

Oh, yeah!

In Him,