What is Behind Door # 2?

There were 3 more opportunities/doors before us for that the Lord would use to confirm to us that this sweet, adorable Jake was our son...or not.

1) our agency's willingness to accept a transfer (or not), 
2) the medical information we could find 
3) whether or not another family from the agency who held his file stepped forward to adopt him before we did.

Door #1 swung wide open immediately as our agency said "as long as you are 95% sure, we'll do it."

Door #2 took a little more time.  To be honest, researching his condition and talking to doctors was just an area of due diligence on our part.  We have come to realize that a child's medical condition and what doctors might say about it is not really a deciding factor for us.  If the Lord says they are our child, they are our child...irregardless of the medical condition.  Investigating and becoming educated on that child's condition and care, though, are part of what we feel is necessary as proper procedure.

Jake has Arthrogryposis, a congenital muscle & joint condition that causes joint contractures and low muscle tone in various areas (each case seems to be a little different).  In doing my research I discovered that there are 2 doctors considered experts in his condition and one of them lives within a day's drive from us.  I also found an email address for said doctor in my internet search.  

Still consumed with so many emotions over Luke and having Jake's file in front of me, I sent an email to this doctor with a pouty prayer to the Lord saying, "If you really want us to adopt Jake, you can make this big-whig, ultra-busy doctor whose email is most likely a dud email me back."  In my mind a response from this doctor was akin to a miracle.  No way he would 1) receive it 2) have time or  inclination to respond to someone who might not even ever become his patient.

He did.

Several times.

Not kidding.

I was stunned.

So, let's see...agency that is not our own is willing to transfer his file, 3 families in 'front' of us...none adopt him, our agency is willing to accept the transfer, big-whig doctor not only replies...but responds in a big and gracious way.

What are you saying, Lord?

In Him,

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