We made it!

we are here and really no worse for the wear. Lily did a tremendous job on the plane even though we hit some really rough turbulence initially..and for me to call It rough says something! We were met by our friends at the airport in Beijing, ate an early dinner at Burger King in the airport and then drove the hour+ to Shepherd's Field. Managed to stay awake until about 9 and then hit the hay. Woke upas few times but still we all slept pretty well and woke up by 6:45. Spent the morning at Luke's House &house of Joy with our friends and the boys foster parents. Surreal to see everything in person when you've been looking at it in pictures for months! Got to see where both Luke and Joshua slept and ate and all of their friends. Ate some awesome dumplings that their cook prepared...inadvertently used horrible table manners by using my hands...oops, clumsy American! Have to post pictures later...Lily's napping now and Kevin and Emma went somewhere with Mike for awhile. Tomorrow we will head to New Hope and meet the Hills and possibly go to the Great Wall in the afternoon. The next day we head to Zhengzhou where we will meet Joshua, who Mike describes as a fireball! From watching Lily, Elisa thinks the two of them should be quite a pair! Oh, boy! Ready or not here we come! We, again, just can't express just how good God has been and all He has done for us! In Him,


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  2. So thankful you all made it safely and Lily did so well during the flight...tell Emma I loved her photos from her last blog post...Praying all goes smoothly and that you and your family enjoy a sweet time of fellowship with your friends.

    God Bless!

  3. So glad all is going well for you. Peace...pc