No TB!

The morning began with good news...TB test was negative!  Thank you, Lord!  I am thankful for good news on the health front, as Joshua's tummy is still not right, although it isn't slowing him down.  

After naptime, we met our group in the lobby for pictures on the new version of the red couch...the stairs.  Hmmm.  I remain sad that they are moving the adoption community off of Shaiman Island...this is one of the reasons.  Just not the same.

But we did take a family photo...

And a group photo.  The children ranged in age from not quite 1 year old up to 13.  So excited for the 13 year old as she was so close to aging out (she is seated behind Emma).   We have been  blessed with a very easy going and friendly group...and 2 adoptive mamas who spoke fluent Mandarin!  Very helpful!  Everyone has been so kind and willing to assist.  It is exciting to begin to see them return one by one to their families! 

Jie Jie Emma and her littlest siblings...

 The Two-Year-Old Twosome... 

Bright and early tomorrow morning we head to the US Consulate to receive Joshua's visa and take the oath of citizenship on his behalf (he will become a US Citizen as soon as we land in the US!).  This appointment was what our entire trip was scheduled around and it is a big day.  Our final obligation in China.  Hard to believe it is almost time to go home!

Praising Him for a full and memorable trip and for the gift of Joshua!

In Him,

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  1. What a happy photo. Sorry Joshua is still having tummy problems: maybe just the excitement or fulling his tummy full since you said he just loves to eat. God's peace...pc