One Less Orphan

Joshua is officially part of a family as of today. 

One less orphan as of today. 


Please pray for our little man as he has been ill all day with stomach issues.  Pray that the Lord would reveal the cause to us (stress? food? virus?)

Let's just say I earned the mama badge I hate...the "Your Child Threw Up On You" badge.  Not my favorite badge, but comes with the territory. I just didn't expect to earn it so soon!

Worst part was watching his little lip quiver and tears well up in his eyes and seeing that he just didn't get that I was there to comfort him...that he doesn't have to tough it out alone anymore.

I think this may be why the Lord permitted this...to let him see I will help him and comfort him. 

The second most awesome moment of the day after his officially becoming part of our family?  Having him join in singing Jesus Loves Me with me as I sang it to him today.  He sang it in English...with me! 

And...when we prayed he said, "Ah-men" (Amen)!  So sweet and a gift from the Lord through his foster family!

Must rest as the day of paperwork and a 6.5 hour car trip with a sick boy has wiped me out.

In Him,

ps...if you've never heard the song "One Less" by Matthew West go to this link and listen.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18403QD6S-E

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