Made it to Guangzhou

Yesterday was a homecoming of sorts.  We flew from Zhengzhou to Guangzhou...the city in which we met Lily a little less than 2 years ago.  We spent almost our entire trip here last time.

The city is huge and I was surprised by how much I had forgotten about it...like the raised highways.  There are like triple-layered expressways weaving through high rises.

The oh-so-familiar smog of Guangzhou

Anyway...Joshua had his first ever plane ride yesterday.

Boy, oh, boy did he ever LOVE it!  He absolutely squealed in delight at take off and landing.  He had no ear trouble either (huge praise), which is saying alot because the cabin pressure was really off and babies were crying everywhere...and there were several adults who would have liked to as well!  Other than that, the flight was super smooth.  Especially for me since I sat next to Lily who has mastered falling asleep sitting upright since we arrived in China. 

Kevin and Emma had the squirmy worm of a boy next to them.  Emma votes that she sits with Lily next flight!

Joshua's hives appear to be almost gone today!  Praise the Lord!  Thank you for praying for him! 

He could tell something was up from the beginning of the day  yesteraday and we think he has decided that big, strong baba is the best one to be near when things are uncertain because all he wanted was Baba until we reached our hotel room last night.  Then he was okay with me again.  Kevin said everytime we were transitioning from one place to another, he was very anxious for Kevin to pick him up...like he wanted to make sure he wasn't left behind. 

Fanciest Chinese restaurant we've been to yet...it's in our hotel.

Gives new meaning to 'fresh seafood' doesn't it?  Funny thing...when Emma was taking the family picture of us above, one of the crustaceans in the tank to the right of this one in the picture (you can't see it here) was reaching out to grab her!

Our new hotel room is smaller than the last and so it took some navigating to get it to work with 2 cribs!

Brother/Sister wrestling match...Lily wins the first round!

Some family bonding before bed

Again, we thank you for praying for us!  As our friends who live here told us, the spiritual oppression is quite heavy and to see how the enemy is at work in the world of adoption makes me want to herald a wake up call to the church.  But that is for another day...

For now, we rejoice in what the Lord is doing and thank Him for how He is moving and has moved to bring Joshua home through His faithful saints.  Thank you to each of you who has played a part in bringing him to his Forever Family through your prayers and support!

In Him,

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