Lily's Forever Family Day

Three years ago today, Lily joined our family...forever!

From Emma's Instagram today

This morning she woke up to the "Happy Family Day!" song (which sounds just like the "Happy Birthday" song, by the way!).

She was soooo excited!

She got to pick where she wanted to go for her special celebration and she picked Krispy Kreme!   

You'd never know our tiniest (though not youngest, thank you very much!) could eat a whole doughnut!  

(Well, she almost ate a whole one!)

Milk is vital to proper doughnut consumption, in case you were wondering.

The Lord really wanted to bless her because tonight they not only had the customary hats....but also balloons...

and Krispy Kreme temporary tattoos!  

As if watching doughnuts being made in front of you wasn't amazing enough!

I had high hopes of being able to watch the videos of our first day together, but time went much too fast, so we will have to save that for tomorrow.

But, my, did she have fun celebrating!

What a precious gift!

And just to show you one of the reasons Lily was so smiley...

my super-silly, make-you-belly-laugh, quick-take-a-picture husband!

That is what family is all about!  A place to...
be loved, 
be who God made you to be.  
inside jokes, 
picking each other up...
and so much more.

Most of all...it is forever.

Lily, we love you...forever.

In Him,



Dental Checkup & a Detour

A couple of weeks ago Joshua had a regular dental checkup with the doctor who performed his dental surgery in Feb.

He's quite the celebrity there!   They all  remember him and he surprisingly loves it there!   No fear of dentists for him.

After an easy cleaning and checkup, he was given a super report & declared good to go for another 6 months.   Thankfully,  all crowns and spacers are holding tight!

I happened to dress him in his Redskin RG3 Jersey.  Everyone at the dental office assumed we were going to training camp.  I had not been planning on it.  But  after talking with his dentist,  Emma and I decided that since it was right down the street it would be totally worth it to see Kevin's face!

Only problem was there were no players there for our little football player to watch! 

 They were on lunch break until 3:40 and it was only 12:30!  

We stayed for an hour, took some pictures &emailed them to Kevin (who promptly called! ) and then we went home.

It was worth a try!

In Him,


PS... Diane A. and Carol P. this update is for you!