Guangzhou Day 1

We spent today enjoying the offerings of our new hotel which seems to be full of adoptive families.  Please pray for them even though we don't know their names.  Adoption is a blessing beyond words, but the first days, weeks, and months and especially the travel portion can be exceedingly difficult.  We have seen many weary faces and my heart goes out to them. 

After the breakfast buffet (no pictures of that...yet), we headed to the hotel's Kiddyland.  The little ones had it to themselves, since it was so hot.  The heat didn't prevent these two from having a blast, though!

Lily giving Joshua a push
The boy loves to go high and fast!

After Kiddyland, we headed back to the room for naptime during which Kevin decided he could not go another week without a haircut.  So he hit the streets with Emma in search of a barber shop. After walking 3 or 4 blocks they spotted it.....Celebrity Hair Design. A quick check of the prices and Kevin decided to give it a shot. They escorted him to the shampoo area for a quick wash. He was then escorted to his chair and his "designer" was summoned. After about five minutes of not much "Hair" and not much "Design" he was done. He was sent back to the shampoo area where his head was rinsed again. Back to the barber's chair for a quick blow dry....not sure what they were drying, but Kevin was satisified with the results.

After a much too brief nap, we decided to visit the hotel's pool.  Although the pictures don't show it...I did get in, too.  The camera had to stay dry, though.  So alas, no pictures of Mama in the pool.  Bummer.

He loves to put his face in the water!

After pool, pre-dinner snack.  Some brotherly and sisterly love...with shades on, of course!

Our agency arranged a dinner for our travel group at a local Chinese restaurant.  Our guide ordered for us and it was delicious and free of shells, scales, bones, heads, and feet.  That's saying something around here!   Our guide told us yesterday that the people of the Guangdong province are known for eating 'everything that flies in the sky, except the planes; everything that is in the sea except the boats; and everything that has 4 legs except the table.'  

Lily said told me that she wanted to be a big girl and use chopsticks (all the adults were using them).  She actually got some on there and then in her mouth!

The Bottomless Pit
Tomorrow we head to Joshua's required medical appointment.

In Him,

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