So What's With All the Videos?

Have I just been taking a week (2 weeks?) off from typing?

Or is there purpose behind 3 video posts in a row?

110% purposeful.

A few weeks ago I made a passing comment about Kevin & I having hosted an Orphan Care and Adoption Informational Meeting with another family from our church. We are the only 2 adoptive families (that we know of) in our church. Oooh...correction...there is one family whose children are now all adults. So, 3 of us (that we know of!).

To say our hearts and those of our friends' are burdened for our family in Christ...okay...all believers...to know the blessing of orphan care is an understatement. Not only do we ache for them to experience the blessing of serving Jesus Himself (remember 'whatever you have done unto the least of these, you have done unto me?'), but our hearts are broken and breaking for every orphan. Burdened for every child who long for parents to:

love them forever and always,

never leave them,

to kiss their boo-boos,

hold their hands,

sing them Happy Birthday,

cheer for their triumphs,

comfort them in their losses,

arbitrate their sibling squabbles,

teach them their ABCs,

tickle their toes,

brush their hair,

pray over them at night,

sing to them,

read to them,

cherish them,

celebrate all of their firsts,

lead them to Jesus.

Yet, we know that the only way these children will receive what their hearts desire is if someone moves on their behalf.

So many people think the only way to help an orphan is to adopt. This is a great way...the ultimate way...but far from the only way.

Until we began our adoption process, we had virtually no knowledge of the orphan crisis or the ways in which the body of Christ is called to support. We were ignorant. Not because we couldn't care or because we were unwilling...but because no one had told us. Maybe James 1:27 should have been enough to get our "rears in gear" to investigate, but somehow it didn't. It wasn't until the Lord brought us the facts combined with the Truth in His Word that we began to be burdened to the point where inaction was no longer an option. We did not seek out the info, I believe He brought it to us.

As I look at my fellow believers, I must admit there have been numerous times that anger and frustration has stirred in me at the lack of action on behalf of the orphan that I see. Lyrics to Casting Crowns song, "If we are the Body" have often come to mind.

But if we are the body
Why aren't His arms reaching?
Why aren't His hands healing?
Why aren't His words teaching?

And if we are the body
Why aren't His feet going?
Why is His love not showing them
There is a way?

But then the Lord speaks to my heart and reminds me that we were in the same place until He showed us the faces and laid out His call.

Without information, without guidance they won't know. His heart beats in the chests of His children. He is a God of compassion Who calls Himself the Father of the Fatherless. If His children hear, know, see how to help, I believe His Spirit will stir them to move. He said to our 2 families: SPEAK that they might know!

So, at the end of January, on a Monday night, we spoke. All 4 of us. Each of us sharing a tiny piece of how the Lord has led us in the area of orphan care.

These last 3 videos...and the doozy...the one I will post tomorrow...were part of that evening.

If you have watched the last 3 videos, then you have seen some of the ways in which you can support orphans. If you didn't...you can do it now! My hope is to walk through these one by one over the next few weeks (with a few personal posts sprinkled in!).

If the Lord stirs you to move...will you share it with me? Just leave me a comment below.

And get ready for tomorrow's video post. Bring the tissues...

In Him,

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