2 Weeks Home!

We've been home for a whole 2 weeks as of tonight, so I thought I would come up for air and post pictures of our homecoming.

The flights home were long but vomit-free and also included sleeping two year olds for several hours!!!!

We knew that our kiddos and best buddies would be waiting for us and were so grateful to see them...and to not have to drive home ourselves!

It was very exciting to go through Immigration and see them open the virtually-sacred 'brown envelope' we had received from the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  Joshua was officially a US citizen!  And...we got to keep the brown envelope (not the contents, obviously!) as a souvenir.  When Kevin saw the officer throwing the envelope in the trash, he asked if we could keep it and she agreed.  She seemed to really enjoy this part of her job...welcoming the newest US citizen!

After gathering our luggage, we were reunited with our family!  What joy!

Not sure who this lady was but she was asking what flight we'd been on...Aaron is in the white t-shirt with his back to us.  Thankfully, he talked almost all the way home, helping me to stay awake!

Hugs from Anna Grace...

Joshua taking it all in...

Ally sticking close to daddy and little brother...

Catching up with my sister by heart...
Aaron and Emma catching up in the background.

The whole Geranium St. crew...

So thankful to be home and over jet lag and to be seeing some progress on the adjustment front.

In Him,

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  1. Just a normal everyday return from a vacation...I know it wasn't a normal trip but family and friends at the airport make it normal and that in itself is a good thing..God's peace...pc