We are home!

We made it home!  Praise the Lord!

It was a harrowing last 24 hours in China to say the least. 

For those of you who don't already know, shortly after midnight (on the day we were leaving)...so about 8 hours before we were to leave for the airport...Joshua began throwing up.  Then about 2 hours later, Lily began throwing up.

Not kidding.

We quickly started firing off emails to our prayer warrior friends and family!

Somewhere around 3 in the morning, Kevin called to see what it would cost to reschedule our flights.  The thought of flying with two sick 2 year olds on a max of 3 hours of sleep going into 28 hours of traveling sounded less than appealing!

I was praying the the Lord would make it clear what we were to do by the answer to his call. 

The cost?  A mere $3500.  That didn't count changing our flight from Guangzhou to Beijing.

Needless, to say, knowing that the Lord knew what was going on and answers the cries of our hearts, we decided to fly to Beijing and reevaluate once we were there.  

Thankfully, once we were there, we didn't need to take two puking toddlers to the United desk and ask the agent if they would like to sit next to them for 13 hours.  Both of them seemed to be doing well and were keeping down their bananas and steamed rice.  So, onto our flight we went.

And, all thanks be to God, we had an (almost) vomit-free flight.  Poor Emma and the turbulence had a not so nice meeting; but that aside, all went well.  Both Lily and Joshua slept the majority of the flight...HUGE praise...and other than the flight feeling as long as it really was, we survived.  

And we were welcomed home by our kids and best friends!  Who could ask for more?

So thankful to all who have prayed us home and to HIM to Whom all glory, honor, and praise are due!

Satan has lost again.  Joshua is home.  We will declare HIS praises.

In Him,

ps....pictures coming

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  1. So thankful you made it home and that Joshua and Lily slept. Poor things. I cannot imagine how tired you must be!!

    I have LOVED following your journey. We are still waiting for LOA for our little one who is at New Hope (same special need as Joshua . . . I'm wondering if we have been emailing the same specialist!). Praise Jesus Joshua is home with a family who loves the Lord.