New Leg, New Knee

Lily began getting fitted for a new leg with a new knee back at the end of June.  

The process begins with measurements and plaster casting her leg to get a custom fit on what will become the new socket (top part of the prosthetic that the limb 'sinks' into).   The last two times she was casted, she screamed the entire time.  This time she just watched.  My how she has grown these last 2 years!

Pictures taken on my phone...many by Anna Grace!

After the initial casting, they make a clear plastic-type mold to check the fit an make adjustments on. (I'm sure it isn't really plastic, but I can't remember what it is made of at the moment).  We had had our first fitting with the clear plastic-y leg right before we left for China.  And, there was great news at that appointment!  The new knee we were all praying she would be tall enough to get...was in the leg and would work!  Praise God for a few centimeters in height!

Last week, we returned to do another fitting.  Miss Lily had gotten taller...again...while we were in China!  We knew she'd been eating well there, but WOW!  So, more adjustments were necessary and yesterday we returned for another fitting (all of these pics are from yesterday).  

Last week, she walked on the new knee for the first time, too.  Only Mommy and Mr. Don both forgot that the knee would bend when she stepped on it and put her down for a stroll only to have the knee bend and Lily fall to the floor!  Poor girl!

Let's just say the two of us didn't make that mistake again yesterday!  However, Long-term memory Lily was a little uncertain about walking at first!  She became more willing to try after a little while though.

This last picture shows her with the knee bent.  She was quite interested in bending it herself...with her hand.  With the leg she has now, I have to bend it for her and then as soon as it straightens, it locks.  It was more for kneeling, crawling, practicing locking the knee rather than walking.  

This one is for walking, baby!

If all goes as hoped, the new leg should be all ready this coming Tuesday!  Yippee!

Any guesses as to what the theme of the new socket will be? (Emma, you're not allowed to 'guess'!)

In Him,

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