Getting to know you...

Remember this oh, so sweet picture from yesterday?

Here's what happened in the seconds after it was taken...

"Hey, wait a minute...your hand is on my neck!"

"She's TOUCHING me!!"

He was having some personal space issues with her yesterday!

We decided to see if adding little George
into the mix might help a bit...

 At first it seemed like a go...and Lily was thrilled (she likes George!)

Going, going, going...


Gone....Oh, well.

Today, however, we got a totally unprompted display of brotherly and sisterly bonding... 

Joshua is starting to call to Lily now when he wants to do things together.  The other night on the playground he called her and said, "Nini [Lily], come here!"  His English is growing a bit!  She has really taken to him and tries to comfort him whenever he falls down.  Too cute!

He was giving out kisses to both Emma and I left and right today.  Little Charmer!

Today, we had our Consulate Appointment, which went well.  Joshua is one step closer to becoming a US citizen and we are one step closer to having his visa.  We should receive it tomorrow and be good to go!  We are really praising the Lord for a smooth, timely Consulate Appointment as some other families were having trouble this week and ended up having to stay longer.

Please pray for George's dad (little George was in the picture above).  Last night we all went out to dinner at a restaurant our guide had taken us to before, and he got food poisoning.  Kevin & Emma said they didn't feel great last night either, but I have been fine.  We continue to pray for good health for our last days in China and our return home.

In Him,

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  1. Start eating only plain rice...concern for everyone's tummies. Peace...pc