All Day Dr. Marathon

Little Man spent all day being driven hither and yon to get checked out.

I knew before we boarded the plane for China that he would need some intensive dental work.   

Our first night with him in China told me I was quite right.

Today, the pediatric dentist confirmed what we already suspected...

This cutie will have to have his dental repairs done under general anesthesia...at the hospital.

Turns out he has 11 cavities with 4 very decayed molars.  Anna Grace or Ally (can't remember who) asked at dinner if he even had that many teeth!  

The good news is, it sounds like they will be able to save all the teeth and be able to do all of the teeth all at the same time.  No date scheduled yet.

Joshua did SOOO well with xrays and the cleaning and examination!  I have been amazed at how compliant and cooperative and calm he has been in every medical situation.  It is obvious he knows the drill.

I could tell that he loved getting mommy all to himself all day.  Quite the cutie and sweetheart today, which was good for my state of mind as well. 

Emma took these when we got home...still wearing his sticker from his dental visit this morning.

After that, we drove over an hour to a physical therapy evaluation.  Again, he did great and loved playing with all of their toys...with no competition.  Thankfully, the regular appointments will be in town.

Lastly, I dropped off some "samples" to see if there are any 'tenants to be evicted' in his digestive tract.  

I'm always amazed at what a joy it is to take one child away alone for a period of time...even if it's for a doctor's appointment or an errand.  Seems like the heart inside gets to emerge when they have mom all to themselves.  

In Him,


  1. Uh, his teeth look great compared to Selah's. I'm wondering if we can get it done as a medical expense rather than a dental...there would be far less co-pays. Wendy got to do that for her adopted daughter; do you know which way yours is going?
    Praying for you all,

  2. How's our boy going? Did you manage to get his teeth done yet? They looked bad in China.

  3. Fell in love with your beautiful boy while I was in Beijing in March. So glad he's home now with his family xxx