2 Years!!!

Yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of Lily's Forever Family Day!

On one hand, I can hardly believe it has been 2 years already. On the other...it seems like I can't remember what is was like for her to not be with us.

Emma has been working since May on a special video of her for her 2 year anniversary.  And it brings tears to my eyes.  She's graciously allowed me to share it here...

My how she has grown!

Lily, we love you more than words could ever express.  You are our promise long-awaited, our doll baby, our chatty girly-girl.  You are amazing and inspiring and we are blessed beyond explanation to be your Forever Family.

Thanking our Great God for His indescribably great gift of Lily...

In Him,

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  1. Happy Lily day! I still remember meeting you all on that sweet day on the island!!! What a blessing!!!