The day has come! Tomorrow we board a plane and head to China (via Hong Kong) to get our Lily Rose!

We greatly appreciate all of your prayers! Please pray for smooth flights and easy transition to the new time zone. Please pray especially for Kevin in the airports and on the flights...he does not like flying. Please continue to pray for the Lord to prepare Lily's heart for the big transition she is about to undergo and that the Lord would grant us wisdom in parenting her in these early days. Also, please pray for my (Mandy's) back. I injured it back in July and, although it is much better, it is not 100% and I would like prayer that it would not go out in China with carrying Lily. Pray that we would be the fragrance of Christ everywhere we go and that Satan would not be able to steal one bit of joy. Pray that we would be focused on Him, rejoicing in Him.

My hope is to update the blog daily, Lord willing. Blogger (the site that hosts my blog) is sometimes blocked in China, so if it is I will post at the alternate site listed below which is said to be available to me in China. It's address is:


Rejoicing in Him,

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