We made it!

We made it! Yippee! No problems with any of the flights and the time went much faster than expected on the long flight from Detroit to Hong Kong, thanks to lots of TV choices! This picture is for Aaron!
These pictures were all taken when we were all still "fresh!"
The Hong Kong airport was amazing! Very easy and smooth to get through...when we walked up to the baggage claim, lo and behold, there were our bags! Our agency rep met us after Customs and whisked us off to our hotel (about a 25 min. drive through the city) "WOW" is all I can say! Over 7.5 million people living on this group of islands...literally one on top of another in high rise apartment buildings. As our guide was explaining the population density of Hong Kong, Psalm 8:4 ran through my mind. "What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?" My smallest and insignificance in this world really struck me...BUT GOD! He wants a personal relationship with me and every human being in all the world throughout all of time! Mind blowing! Sometimes I just feel my smallness and seeing Hong Kong has made me feel this way!

Anyway, after checking in at the hotel, we got some bottled water (at 7-11!) and dinner (didn't know you could eat while sleeping..ha ha!) and then sacked out for the night. Again, no troubles sleeping. Praise the Lord!

In the morning, we ate breakfast (nice buffet of both Western and Chinese food) and then we were met by our tour guide in the lobby for a 5 hour tour of Hong Kong. Again...WOW! I am not one for city life, but Hong Kong is both an amazing engineering and modern city planning marvel as well as clean and picturesque (at least the parts we drove through!).
We went to Victoria's Peak...beautiful view even with all of the haze:on a Sampan boat ride (this one had a modern motor instead of pole-power),
This is what the boat we were on looked like:

The boat in the background is a famous floating restaurant in Aberdeen.We went through a jewelry factory (with a sell-to-tourists show room...we got out unscathed!), and to a popular street market. Just in case you were wondering if Kevin was with us... All very interesting and fun!

The weather has been much more pleasant than I expected. 80 degrees and somewhat humid last night. Probably 85-90 degrees with a breeze today. Not bad! As we were driving back to the hotel at the end of the tour, we saw a large thunderstorm rolling into the harbor with dark clouds reaching all the way down to the water. Beautiful!

Well, here some more pictures from driving around Hong Kong on the tour. 2 more days and we will have Lily!
In Him,

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  1. Yippee! You made it! Your photos are bringing back so many memories for me! I was in Hong Kong visiting all the places you are now visiting while I was pregnant with BEN 16 years ago and living in Okinawa! Riding up the tram to Victoria's peak there was a little Chinese girl chattering away right behind me.....God was planting the seeds in my heart for my adopted children way back then! Enjoy every single moment. Praying for your meeting with Lily and her transition to your family.