Travel Dates

Thursday we received the Consulate Appointment (set for Sept. 8...the day after Lily turns 11 months old) and more specific travel dates. Our travel dates will be Aug. 26 through Sept. 11 (possibly a day or two later on the returning end depending on airfare). Later than we had hoped, but official and that is the important thing!

I can finally say with a more accurate degree of certainty: in 3 weeks we will be in China! Really...18 days (China time), 2 hours, 1 minute, and...but who's counting?

Now onto kid-care, dog-care, guinea pig care, fish care, crib building, suitcase packing, clothes washing, list making, wake-me-this-must-be-a-dream pinching, etc.!

More later...

In Him,

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