Pictures from evening in Kowloon area of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is beautiful and lush. Landscaping like in the picture below is everywhere.

Check out the "window" box planters along the street on which we had dinner.

About a 2 minute walk from our hotel was the water.

Along the walkway is the Avenue of Stars...Hong Kong's version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Only names I recognized 2 names though...Jackie Chan and...

Fu Chi! No, I have no idea who that is......but his/her hands appear to be the size of both Kevin and Emma's!
(Emma was very worn out by this point...forgive the frown!)
Okay, here's the other one we recognize...Bruce Lee!
He even gets his own statue!

And my rock of a husband with Bruce...
After dinner we watched the nightly light/laser show. The buildings' lights are choreographed to music playing on speakers all along the Promenade. This is before the show...
These are during...

Good night from Hong Kong! Tomorrow on to Guangzhou, China by train!

In Him,

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