Book 'em, Kevo!

It's done. It's paid for. It's real.

We bought plane tickets to China!!!

Well, really Hong Kong, but that is where we have to go first. We will leave the US for Hong Kong on Thursday, August 26th and arrive in Hong Kong on the evening of August 27th. That appears to be a whopping 20 hours of travel time...that's a loooong day! Sooooooooooo worth it, though! We fly to Guangzhou, China on the 29th and receive our daughter on the 30th!

We will return in the evening of Saturday, September 11th...with the newest member of our family in our arms! Imagine our joy (and misty eyes) when we saw "Infant in arms" listed on my itinerary. Wow! My heart flutters thinking of it.

If the Lord lays it on your heart, start praying for that return trip now. It has potential to be grueling with an infant! Pray that she won't have an ear infection or any other illness that would make flying miserable for her. Pray she will be happy (if only those seated around us knew to pray for that now, too!!!). Pray that she (and we) will be able to rest. Pray we will get better seats for the Hong Kong to US flight than we have now and that we will be able to get a bassinet for her to stretch out in (which would mean more leg room for my 6'4" husband, too!). Pray that the Lord would grant us favor with the staff and passengers on the plane. Pray that we would be the fragrance of Christ on all the flights.

And I must praise the Lord (again!)! The tickets have come down dramatically in price from what we were seeing several weeks ago. They have dropped to a place where we were actually thankful as we paid 4 digits! Blessed and excited to see the Lord's hand, yet again, in all things.

Oh, and for those familiar with Guangzhou...we will stay in the Victory Hotel! Thanks, Andrea for this tip...saves major $!

In Him,

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  1. So excited for you! We stayed at the Victory when we adopted Jacob and it was great. Happy packing!