Before Creation

The first line of the song we were singing this morning in church hung in my heart as the rest of the words continued on reiterating a thought that has come to mind several times in the last days of preparation. The words gave me chills.

"You stood before creation, eternity in Your hands..."

Since we received our Travel Approval, so many of the things that I've longed to do have become reality. Washing baby clothes, setting up the crib, gathering our things into suitcases, etc. The moment when Lily Rose will be put into our arms is quickly approaching! The knowledge of her has been in our hearts for years. The required steps to receive her were set in motion many, many months ago. But it won't be until 3:30pm August 30th that we will actually hold her and she will see us as her family. It is a day we have been dreaming of and longing for. A day for which we have been waiting and on which we will rejoice!

As the Spirit, so lovingly does, this past week He gave me a glimpse of the Father's heart in this. As the girls and I were reading through Genesis 1 and talking about Creation, I mentioned to the girls that God had us in His heart even then. And it dawned on me...God had been planning and waiting through all eternity past for two days in my life: June 9, 1975, the day I was born, and the day in 1982 when I asked Him into my heart as Lord and Savior!

Just as I have planned and longed for years to hold this little girl and for her to become more than a promise and, more recently, more than a picture...God, my Father, longed for me to become reality so He could hold me, have relationship with me, and be my Daddy. He planned for me before creation. He waited centuries for me to be born physically and born again spiritually. He made the way, He paid the cost, He came to get me through His kindnesses. He has never left me.

Did He wait with the same longing I've had for Lily? Did He long for me to be more than His plan, His promise for centuries? Did He wait with eager anticipation for me to be a living, breathing child of His with whom He would have relationship? What a thought! This is the God I serve...omniscient, powerful, intentional, loving, compassionate, gracious, awesome and SO much more!

He loves each of us like that...and waits for the day when He can call each of us His child.

In Him,

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  1. What a great song and encouraging words :-) I'll continue praying for your family as you prepare to head over to China! I'll be keeping my blog updated as well--rachelannintheuk.blogpot.com