3 weeks from today!

I just got an email from our agency with word that we will receive Lily on Monday, August 30th! I am ecstatic beyond words...and now counting down the days until we will hold our daughter in our arms!

Please pray for her adjustment. As exciting and wonderful as that day will be for us (and ultimately will be for her), it is exceedingly difficult for the children. She will not understand what is going on as these strangers who look, smell, and sound totally unlike anything she'd experienced become her family. She will enter into a period of grieving (for the only caregivers and life she's known) and of learning to "attach" to her new family. Pray that the Lord would prepare her for this monumental change, heal her heart quickly and completely, and that she would understand rapidly that we are her family...trustworthy, dependable, loving, and devoted--permanently. Pray that she would learn to trust us and depend upon us. Pray that He would give us wisdom on how best to comfort her during that time and demonstrate to her that we are her forever family.

In Him,

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