This Easter was different for our family.

Not because the joy of the day or the awe at the feat performed by my Savior is any less.  Far from it.

But because we had a keen reminder of the reason He had to come to earth, die for sin, and rise again.

When Adam sinned, death and sickness, weeds and flesh entered the world.  The perfection of the garden and unhindered relationship with the Father was gone.

So Christ came.  To remove the stains of sin. To allow us to come boldly to the throne of grace.  The dividing line removed, the curtain torn.  One day there will be no more sorrow, no more pain.  The sting of death is removed and the Great Physician will remove all illness.

Including the flu.  Praise God!  

All but Lily have been ill (Emma the only one confirmed to have the flu), and even this morning she has become the next victim.  Kevin & I are well, and praying we stay that way!

Even with his voice raspy from illness, Joshua was singing his favorite song yesterday...Resurrection Day.  

10,000 Reasons.

Even if we only had 1...Christ's resurrection, it would be enough to sing forevermore.

Enjoy my sick little boy praising the Savior!

In Him,


  1. Um, we had the last three of the youngest seven with a fever on Easter! Although we tested negative for flu or strep. It's been a long winter!!!

  2. He's so adorable with his raspy little voice. The funny thing is this morning I was listening to this exact song and decided our worship team is going to learn it tomorrow night at rehearsal! Now it's even MORE special to me! Your email today was very precious..... well they always are. You and your gorgeous family are one of my 10,000 reasons to bless the Lord too. Love you all very much xxx