Lovely Lily

A sweet friend of ours comes over a couple of mornings a week to help with Lily and Joshua.  She's my sister in Christ and super-skilled with little ones.  They just love 'Neka'!

She just so happens to be apprenticing as a photographer, as well. 

I love this picture of Lily she sent me last night!

Lily is simply breathtaking in so many ways!  She has such a tender heart and is so full of personality.  Little Bit may be small in stature, but she is HUGE in personality!  She knows what she wants and, in her extensive vocabulary, is adept at expressing it!

I am so blessed to be her Mama!

In Him,

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  1. You found me!!! Your kids are absolutely adorable!!! We are back in Phily on April 8th, how about you?