Countdown to Casts-Off! 6-5-4-3-2-1-0!

We are just 6 days away from....casts off!

After a full 5 months in casts, Monday is the day that Joshua's casts will come off and stay off.

We are all a wee bit excited!  

It is hard to believe that he's been in them for almost a half year!  Time has truly flown and living with full leg casts has become our norm.  

Eventhough we are truly looking forward to seeing Joshua's sweet little legs again, there has been so much to be thankful for during these months of casting.  

So in honor of the coming 'release', I thought I would do a countdown to Casts-Off.  Each of these last six days, I will share one thing for which I have been thankful in this process.

Today...Number 6

Fun Cast Colors!

With 11 sets of casts under his belt, Joshua had many different colors and getting to pick his color each time made the experience a little less, umm, sad for him.



dark blue,

Dark blue again, green and red stripes, 

blue again, red and white candy cane legs, 

patriotic flag themed, soccer balls,

red, and finally, blue.  

I think that was the order!  They all became a blur!

In Him,


  1. Yay!!!! SO, SO excited for him!! While the casts do become "normal" and aren't that big of a deal, I am so thrilled for Joshua to be at this point! He will love his freedom again. We go in Monday for *hopefully* Katee's last set of casts.

  2. That means six days for us too!!! Can't wait!!! We are actually battling an incision infection right now from his surgery requiring heavy duty antibiotics. We will be glad when casts and infections are behind us!!!

    See you soon!