Countdown to Casts-Off! 0!

Today was the day!

Joshua got his casts off!

Look at these adorable little legs!  It is going to be so sweet to get to see them every day!

He took a tub bath for the first time in over 5 months tonight and had to get used to it again.  

Unfortunately, I couldn't be there to witness it since I was at home recovering from the flu, which seems to have decided to settle in my throat.  Truly like swallowing shards of glass.  No voice at all.  If it weren't for that fact that the only thing I can swallow (even with the help of gargled Lidocaine!) is macaroni & cheese, popsicles and ice cream...I'd be saying hello weight loss.  

Kevin's parents had been planning on coming over today to stay  with the girls.  Since I couldn't go, Kevin's dad went in my place...3 generation of McC men outing.  Grandma stayed behind and did what I couldn't since I was quarantined to my room!

Kevin said Joshua did absolutely wonderfully, with the minor exception of seeing Dr. vB, who has fallen on Joshua's popularity charts dramatically in the last couple of months.  Apparently as soon as he sat down to look at Joshua's cast-free feet the waterworks started.  Poor guy.  He doesn't understand that he is the guy to see when you have Arthrogryposis and that Dr. vB is actually helping him...eventhough it hurts.

Major spiritual lesson for me to remember there.  The process of "working all things for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purposes" (Rom 8:21) can be painful (possibly more often than not?).  Trust the Great Physician, Mandy.  What hurts now is truly going to be used for His good and glory.

Anyway...Joshua not only got his casts off, but he came home with his new much lighter leg hugging apparatus.  Braces.  24/7.  Hopefully, Joshua will not do with these what he did with his ones he had in China...take them off as soon as adult figures left the room.  He has several sisters watching like hawks to rat him out intervene in his best interests should the velcro start ripping.

So, on this last day of Countdown to Casts-Off...

I am thankful for....

Shriner's & Dr. vB and how God has 
used them to help my Joshua's legs!

In Him,


  1. Hurray! Enjoying catching up on your blog! Can you email me sometime? heidi.landes@gmail.com... thanks! :) Heidi...

  2. I knew that must have been Kevin's dad!!! Such a resemblance!!! So happy for your boy's feet!!!