Countdown to Casts-Off! 3-2-1-0! Actually only 1-0...

Today, with only 3 days left  1 day left until Joshua's casts (Lord willing!) come off...

I am thankful for....

A little boy who both 
walks and dances IN HIS CASTS!

Oh, yes, he does!

On New Year's Eve, Joshua began walking on his casts.  We had been at a friend's house where children outnumbered adults and Joshua decided he needed to get in on the action.  (Why his 5 older siblings hadn't motivated him before, I'm not sure.)  

And he's never looked back.

Not only has he worn the toes and heels out of his casts from walking on them, but he has also managed to perfect his dance moves in the middle of the family room. 

(This is an old video.  Sorry!)

I just love it!  He does not let anything get in his way and always looks for a way to make the best of everything!

In Him,

ps....why am I late with this post?  The yuck that the kids had has decided to take up residence in me.  Looks like Kevin will be going solo to Philadelphia.  Disappointed doesn't even begin to touch how I feel about not being able to go.  Praying for contentment.

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