Bountiful Birthdays {Lily}

October is the month of bountiful birthdays in our family.

There are not one, or two...or even three birthdays for us in October, but....four!!

That's right!  4!

Lily's birthday comes first on the 7th.

And, although, I am almost a month behind in posting the events of that day, our little Lilybug is indeed getting older...not much bigger!  But older, indeed.

She may be tiny, but she is crazy smart and talks like a 5 year old.

Oh, and she's unveiled a sense of humor recently.  Just tonight she walked up to Kevin and said, "Hi, Mr. Daddy!"  And, then, chuckled to herself and said, "I called you Mr. Daddy.  That's funny!"

She is beyond adorable and instantly lovable.  

We are totally blessed and smitten with her.

Each. And. Every. One. of. Us.

Even Joshua...I frequently overhear them talking and he'll be saying "I love you, Nini"  That's what he calls her...Nini.  

At naptime he puckers up his little lips and gives her a big wet one.

Be still my heart.

Yes, that's how much everyone who meets her loves her.

She's even more irresistible than her cookie cake!

Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet baby girl!

In Him,

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