Bountiful Birthdays {Aaron}

It's official.

My firstborn turned twenty on October 20th.  20! The big two-oh.

He's moved into the all-I-want-is-money phase of birthdays.

A month after I turned 20, I got married.

A month after he turns 20, he'll be in boot camp.

It's really too much for this emotional mama to handle after the Navy post...so let's just talk about cake...and brothers.

The cake...mercifully not another Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.  As much as I love them, we needed a break.

Aaron requested an ice cream cake.

Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard Cake here we come!

Joshua trying to get some of Aaron's piece.  Little sneaker!

Threatening to lick his hand if he didn't get a taste!

Innocent as can be now that he has his own piece.

Just love this picture of the brothers.  

Might have to frame this one...

In Him,


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