October's Bountiful Birthdays {Joshua}

Joshua's birthday is 3rd in the line-up of our Bountiful Birthday month of October.

The 22nd is his birthday and boy was he ever primed and ready.

He had quickly figured out what all this birthday business was about thanks to Lily's and Aaron's birthdays. 

And, he was ready!

We always sing the kids "Happy Birthday" when they wake up in the morning, often around the breakfast table.  Joshua was so funny when we began singing at breakfast for him.  He remembered that a cake usually arrives in the middle of the song and he had the most expectant and confused look on his face as we were singing and no cake was coming.  He kept looking behind me and then at me like...Hey, Mom! You're forgetting the best part!

He wasn't overly excited with my explanation that the cake would come when Baba came home from work.

He did, however, spend the rest of the day singing 'Happy Birthday, Joshua" to himself.  

Stinking adorable!

True to my word, we had a little celebration for him in the evening complete with a few presents and...a Cookie Cake.

He was soooo excited to have his turn at this birthday thing.

I think we could have just given him a card, because he clung to the one Grandma and Grandpa sent and kept looking at it over and over!

The day after his birthday marked the 3 month anniversary of the day he was placed in my arms.  My how much he has blossomed in that time...how very far we've come!

I feel like we are beginning to know the real Joshua and, oh my, is he ever a sweetie!  He is so affectionate and tells me, "I wuv oo, mama" several times a day.  Hugs and kisses and sooo snuggly.  No better feeling than his head on my shoulder.

Still fiesty?  Yes, but not as much.  

And, he is loving having Lily to pal around with.  

They are beyond adorable.  

Their squabbles have died down to a normal level and I foresee a formidable duo in our future.  Brains and brawn working together to accomplish much...like riding around in the Little Tikes grocery cart with Joshua pushing Lily tonight.  Or the lip gloss incident of two weeks ago.  Lily just had to teach him how to apply it...only he went whole hog and did his entire face.  The glitter was quite lovely.

I can't wait to see what the next months and years hold for us as we continue to fall in love with our adorable, silly, snuggly Joshua.

In Him,

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