SOOO in Control

In exactly a week, Kevin, Joshua, and I are scheduled to be in Philadelphia for Joshua's first appointment at Shriner's.  

I am really looking forward to this appointment because I am hoping we will leave with a better idea of what types of treatment he will need in the next year.  I am guessing possibly serial casting for his feet, maybe some surgeries on both his hands and feet.  

And, maybe they will be willing to address his 11 cavities?  That one is a long shot...but totally in range for my God!!

You want to hear something totally God?

Kevin came home this afternoon ...early because of Hurricane Sandy bearing down...and said, "God is so in control!  We were supposed to be in Philadelphia today!  Don't you remember? The first appointment they offered us was today but we couldn't do it because of my work schedule!"

Philadelphia is smack dab in the middle of the storm today.  It's an
awful day for traveling.  God knew and sent us next week instead!

Gets me excited to see what He'll do while we are there!

In Him,

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