Back to Philadelphia

Joshua has had a really rough first week with his casts.

He was just miserable.  

Whining, crying, not eating, sleeping in 20-30 minute intervals with no naps.

I thought he was going to fall asleep sitting in his high chair yesterday he was so tired.

And so were we!  Reminded me of the newborn baby days!

He kept complaining about his left toe and after talking with the nurse who helped cast him, we decided heading back today was the best option.  He just shouldn't have been quite that miserable.

Possibly unhappy and uncomfortable?  Yes.  But, not to that extent.

So, back up I-95 we went.  Mercifully, the Tylenol with Codeine helped him sleep longer stretches last night and so Kevin and I were able to stay awake for the drive!

Don't you love how when you take a child to the doctor they instantly act like nothing is wrong?  Yeah, he had that going on.

However, after removing the casts...

...with the nifty saw, which Joshua kept telling me was loud...

and a bit ticklish...

(...until we hit the uncomfortable toe area!)

We saw first-hand the source of all the discomfort...

Apparently, the cast had been putting too much pressure in that area.  The picture really doesn't due the degree of redness and raw skin justice.  

Seeing that validated the drive up there.

He had a little break from the casts, during which he laid on his back and kept his knees in the bent position!  We kept trying to get him to straighten his legs, but he was having none of it!  Finally, while playing with a toy he straightened out.

Wish we'd gotten a picture of that!

Then it was time to recast with slightly different pressure points and more padding in the toe area.

He chose orange this time around.  
Green just left a bad taste in our mouths!

We were all so surprised at how cooperative he was...again...to get his casts on.  I thought he would lose it when he saw them coming with the plaster again, but he just laid back and let them do what they wanted!

Just love this picture with the nurse!  She's the one I talked with on the phone to see if what he was experiencing was normal.  She quickly worked us in today.

Can you tell Joshua was thankful?

Now we have...as Grandpa called them...pumpkin legs.  Just in time for Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cookies, Pumpkin Scones...aaahhh.  

I digress...

Mama and her littlest boy...smiling again.

Boy, did we miss his smile this last week!

The sure sign that he was feeling better was his power naps almost all of the way home.  In his sunglasses.  For some reason he wanted to wear them all the way home...in the dark.  

Guess he's catching up on all of the sleep he missed this week.

Now, if only Kevin and I can!

In Him,

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  1. Oh I hope you can get some rest now. Poor little guy, no wonder he was so fussy! I'm very curious why do they cast them with their knees bent?