October's Bountiful Birthdays {Ally}

Finishing out the month of bountiful birthdays is my Allyson Faith.

She has been the sweetest thing for the last seven and a half years...since she learned to crawl.

You see, she's our people-person.  She became the happiest baby once she could crawl and follow me around all the time.  She couldn't stand the exersaucer or baby swing or high chair...unless you were sitting right next to her.

My girl loves company!  Lots of siblings has been God's gift to her because she always has a playmate!

Well, my sweet companion Ally turned 8 a few days ago (although she kept thinking she was turning 9 since Anna Grace turned 9 in June and they do everything together!).

We celebrated with a Mommy-Daughter Birthday lunch at the place of her choosing...Subway taken and eaten at Target!  It was too chilly for her in Subway.  And, she wanted to SHOP at Target!.

And, shop we did.  Boy, could I tell she getting older because of what she wanted.  A necklace with the letter A on it, hair accessories and, of course, clothing!  Not that she didn't request a few several toys as well, but that dolling herself up was first choice that day didn't go unnoticed!

She also got to pick the dinner of her choice...Vinny's pizza...and her cake.  You guessed it!  Another cookie cake.  Glad we like Chocolate Chip cookies!

 We are so thankful the blessing the Lord has given us in Ally.  Fun, funny, sweet, and caring.  Level-headed (most of the time!), peace-making, creative.  Love her laugh.  Just hearing her laugh makes me laugh.  And that smile!

Best of all she loves Jesus.

Two nights ago, after hearing of a very real fear of a recent convert from Islam to Jesus, she walked into my room and said she had just been reading her Bible and saw that in Joshua 1:9 it says (her paraphrase) "Be strong and courageous for God is with you."  And, then she prayed that this new Jesus-lover would be strong and courageous and know that God is with them.

Now that was a gift for her mama.

Praying she will always cherish the gift of Jesus above and before all others...

In Him,


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    1. Mandy Thank you for sharing about Ally's prayer... If her precious pure prayer for a sister in need touches our hearts--I can only imagine how much more it must touch His heart with a special joy...